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Find A Gaff was established in the Caput Mundi (Capital of the world) London, with the vision of a world where every community is able to share their gaff with anyone and learn from each other to build a global network of gaffs.
At Find A Gaff, we know exactly the challenges a timid landlord or an indecisive tenant face. The defies are many, but at Find A Gaff we strongly believe that a connected world is a better world and thus we consider it our duty to help and connect landlords and people of various walks of life, while facilitating both parties to only get the highest standards from each other.
We achieve this with our exceptional team, that has amassed a combined experience of 30+ years in various sectors including real estate moguls, marketing giants and other experts, who have sat on both sides of the table. However, beyond all, we have a team that understands the importance of making life easier for both parties.

Gaff guests (Tenants):

  • Ready for your next adventure?
  • Let us help you find the right gaff with no grievance
  • Check the rating of gaff and landlord
  • Chat to the landlord and find out what their gaff and world is really like
  • Enjoy competitive pricing on even last minute bookings

Gaff owners (Hosts):

  • Why not share your unique world through that additional space and make some money at the same time?
  • List your gaff for free on our global platform and update/manage your gaff’s availability with ease
  • Chat to your potential tenants before they book
  • We let you keep the keys as long as you want to. You will meet the tenant in person to give them the keys to your gaff… you truly have the final say
  • Oh yes and we only make money when you make money… so listing and all the other good stuff is on us